Issue 10, March/April 2017


Selected Topics on Advances in Capability-Oriented Information Systems Development: Editorial Introduction to Issue 10 of CSIMQ
Authors: Jelena Zdravkovic, Óscar Pastor, Peri Loucopoulos

A Comparative Analysis of Using the Capability Notion for Congruent Business- and Information System- Engineering 
Jelena Zdravkovic, Janis Stirna and Jānis Grabis

Value-Based and Context-Aware Selection of Software -Service Bundles: a Capability Based Method 
Authors: Jānis Grabis and Kurt Sandkuhl

Combining Tools to Design and Develop Software Support for Capabilities 
Martin Henkel, Christina Stratigaki, Janis Stirna, Pericles Loucopoulos, Yannis Zorgios and Antonis Migiakis

LightCDD: Application of a Capability-Driven Development Method for Start-ups Development 
Authors: Hasan Koc, Marcela Ruiz and Sergio Espana

Capability-Driven Design of Business Service Ecosystem to Support Risk Governance in Regulatory Ecosystems 
Authors: Christophe Feltus, Eric Grandry and Francois-Xavier Fontaine


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